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The ULTIMATE Cleaning System - ESPORTA


Hockey Equipment and Sporting Gear... That's Safe and Germ Clear! GUARANTEED!


With all of the worries in today's society, including H1N1 virus, the Flu, mould and bacteria, as well as a long list of other infectious diseases and germs that plague our living and work environments every day...  it is reassuring to know that there is an eco-friendly cleaning solution that is able to clean and restore the most delicate fabrics and soft contents to at least minimize you and your family's risk!

Chem-Dry of the Kawarthas Durham and York of Lindsay Ontario is pleased to announce and offer that in addition to specializing in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning as well as Fire and Flood Restoration, we have now expanded our superior guaranteed professional cleaning services even further!  We are now equipped with a state-of-the-art Esporta Wash Cleaning System, and now offer a hockey and sporting equipment cleaning service!


The Battle Against Germs and Bacteria is On!

    The ESPORTA Sport Wash Cleaning System is designed to eliminate 99.9997% of Germs and Bacteria from your hockey and sports equipment, clothing, uniforms, costumes, protective gear, stuffed animals and much more!

Finally, we are able to offer a professional guaranteed cleaning service, to clean, disinfect, sanitize and wash delicates and soft contents as well as larger bulky items such as your hockey, sports or protective equipment, all while utilizing eco-friendly cleaning solutions!

The rotten smell often associated with sports equipment and clothing serves as an important reminder that bacteria, mould and fungus all thrive in equipment that has not been properly cleaned and dried.  Many often overlook the importance of having your hockey equipment and sports gear / equipment washed and cleaned, using a professional sports wash system! 

The combination of proteins and organic matter in a warm, damp environment provides an ideal breeding ground for the growth of odour-causing, unhealthy mould, fungus and bacteria.  These microbial organisms are a direct health threat causing skin rashes and irritations with the continued use of improperly cleaned sporting and protective equipment.  They post a direct health threat since they can enter the body through cuts or abrasions with the potential of serious infections! Always have your hockey and protective equipment cleaned and sanitized to ensure your health is not at risk!


What is the Solution?